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Don't Be Late...Donate Your Tax Credit Today!

There is still time for you to become a tax credit hero! Just 8 days left to make a donation...the deadline is April 15th!

A Tax Credit directly reduces the amount of tax you owe, offering a dollar-for-dollar subtraction from your tax liability. A Tax Deduction decreases your taxable income, reducing the amount of your income subject to tax. Select Donate Now on our pay online page or stop by the Club and give your tax credit to assist our local youth programming. When you donate online ~ Your Gift Will Be Magnified! We have teamed up with Executive Council Charities to stretch your dollar to help our Youth.

100% of contributions are forwarded by ECC SAY, LLC to qualified charity partners along with other designated gifts we secure. In addition, each charity through this Challenge will receive a 25% matching grant (up to $5,000 collectively per organization) and additional bonus grants ranging from $5,000 (1st place) to $1,000 (5th place) will be awarded to the Partners who raise the most donations through the Challenge. Your gift is magnified and provides more support for youth at your favorite charity. Please donate your tax credit today!


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